Review: ‘Why Are We Yelling?’

Review: ‘Why Are We Yelling?’

Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement by Buster Benson

I have been fascinated with conflict for a few years. I grew up without much conflict, and the idea of conflicting conversations has always created anxiety in me. I see this in many new employees and have seen organizations suffer from a lack of healthy disagreements. Friction is normal, and avoidance of any friction is not healthy. It’s not healthy on the individual or organizational level. This book is a great starting point for what happens to the individual when anxiety builds and what we all must do to create a safe environment for conflict. This book outlines eight ways to improve healthy disagreements in our lives and work. It all starts with the fundamental belief that Disagreements are not inherently bad and can and should be enjoyable if these key steps are taken.

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Big Ideas. 02/09/2020. Buster Benson on the Art of Productive Disagreement; Type: Podcast