Technology is coming at us an astonishingly fast pace, and AI is supercharging EVERYTHING!!

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At Tech Versus Humans, we are passionate about helping tech professionals stay at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Our Intention (Our Goal)

The Landscape of Work is changing thanks to the ubiquitous nature of AI. You have two choices: Stick your head in the sand and join the Luddite army (aka Do Nothing), or stay ahead and at the center of the changes. We hope that you choose the latter and that we can help you.

Our Vision (Our Why)

Humans have baggage. Humans have personal lives and emotions. Humans get burnt out. Humans are complicated, and sometimes they are smelly. Some humans don’t like other humans and won’t work with them. Some humans are driven by egos and thrive in politics. I could go on. Our Why is to:

  1. Help Humans understand the increasing threats and opportunities that technology provides
  2. Empower Humans to be better TO EACH OTHER by providing shared stories, tools, and resources to understand and embrace the humanity in work – smelly and all.

Our Hope (Our Ask)

By joining us, a very small and select community, we hope you will gain valuable insights and strategies that will enable you to conquer the challenges of digital/AI transformation. Here’s how you can engage and take your tech expertise to the next level:

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  3. Engage with us on our blog! Share your unique perspective, insights, stories, and expertise in the comments section. This is your chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from others’ experiences, and make your voice heard in the tech community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of something bigger. Join us today and be prepared to conquer the digital future with extreme humanity!

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