Review: ‘Humanocracy’

Review: ‘Humanocracy’

Humanocracy: Creating Organizations As Amazing As the People Inside Them by Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini

“In a bureaucracy, human beings are instruments employed by an organization to create products and services. In a humanocracy, the Organization is the instrument–it’s the vehicle human beings use to better their lives and the lives of those they serve.”

Gary Hamel and Michelle Zanini firmly believe the Traditional Hierarchy system is broken. However, bureaucracy is deeply entrenched in many Organizations, and it feeds itself in many ways. For example, bureaucracy rewards the people at the top to maintain the status quo, resulting in limited human originality and excessive bureaucratic battles. Instead, people are so much more capable and creative. People Are Creative – Organizations Are Not.

This book is excellent for anyone wanting to take on the bureaucracy within their own Organization. As a hint, the first step is to look at one’s own role in sustaining the status quo.

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