Review: ‘Dream Teams’

Review: ‘Dream Teams’

Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart by Shane Snow

Warning: Mr. Snow is a big fan of cliffhangers. Virtually every chapter ends with a reason to go on, making this book a speedy read. But let me take a step back. Dream Teams is about how to form and maintain best-in-class, innovative teams. What makes this book different from many other books attempting to share the same information is Mr. Snow’s appreciation of nuance. Tiny changes within groups can make a huge difference. For example, diversity of experience, opinion, thoughts, and perspectives is only as good as having healthy tension in discussing those differences. He also acknowledges that there is a natural drag within teams that prevents them from being their best – and he shares plenty of stats that show that individuals tend to take the food off the gas when put in teams…unless they are challenged to be their best.

This book is a very compelling read and is in rarefied air with how it approaches nuances. Trust is key, AND that is in every book discussing team creation. What makes this book different is how he breaks down the importance of the elements that build and maintain that trust. While building the case for Dream Team nuances, he brings in stories of Malcolm X, George Takei, the Battle of New Orleans, an assassination attempt on Lincoln, and so many more.

And if all of that isn’t compelling enough, you must get to the epilogue to learn more about Shane Snow. Those last few pages answer why he wrote the book and why we should consider his ideas seriously in the most vulnerable way. It’s powerful.

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