Blamers Anonymous – How Awareness is Everything

Blamers Anonymous – How Awareness is Everything

Whenever you run into a stumbling block, it’s easy to look for someone or something to blame. Admittedly, it’s something I struggle with, as well. When I do find myself at that moment looking for blame – I mentally come back to this short video by Brené Brown.

It’s a helpful reminder of what’s going on for me. It merely means that I’m feeling uncomfortable with something and looking for someone to pin it on. It’s easier to rage and find a responsible party for the situation than look inward.

Does this ever happen to you?

If it does, watch the above video. It’s 3 minutes of your life. Then, document the root of the problem. That’s right – write it down. What’s the issue, and why are you avoiding it?

I have found that this little exercise can help ground you and quickly move blame into accountability. Conversely, I have seen that not recognizing what I’m doing can escalate a situation entirely in my mind very quickly.

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Originally Posted May 4, 2018

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