The Idiot Leader

The Idiot Leader

I’ve found, and this will be controversial, that there are very few idiot leaders.

Instead, I’ve seen employees who believe they deserve recognition, and the only logical reason they don’t receive that credit is that their leader has to be an idiot.

I’ve seen this mentality many times, and I’ve even experienced this firsthand. But unfortunately, I think many people fail to recognize that the only thing they can truly change is themselves. They may have an imperfect leader, a stubborn leader, a bureaucratic leader, or a “mail it in” leader but one thing is certain; You can’t change your leader, but you can change yourself.

Blaming your leader is just the easier path.

Blaming someone else is always the easier path.

It’s interesting in this charged two-sided political climate how the opposing opinion to any one side’s views isn’t perceived as rational. On the contrary, it’s generally perceived as stupidity.

That, again, is the easier path.

So, consider ways around the problem when you find yourself in this position. Think of a solution to get the recognition you feel you deserve. Spend the time to figure out a new way to achieve your goals but remember, there are very few shortcuts – so be prepared to do the work.

I’ve seen two consistent themes among those that have overcome this issue. One, locate an individual or a partner in crime that has overcome this challenge – someone that has successfully received credit under your current leader. Two, do the work, emotionally and literally – it will take some time, yes, but it’s your work and, therefore, the achievements will be yours. Regardless of how it’s spun.

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