War Time vs. Peace Time – Preparing for Implementation Role Change

War Time vs. Peace Time – Preparing for Implementation Role Change

In the last episode of Band of Brothers, a mini-series following the US 101st Airborne Division during World War 2, the troops from Easy Company – who have been through hell and back, are struggling with their new roles.

Then, the war is over — no more fighting. No more dying – or so you’d think. But, somehow, the troops continue to die – this time, instead of at the hands of the Germans, they turn on themselves.

Easy Company was a combat force built for fighting, NOT an occupation force. They spent years focusing on their goal – fighting every step of the way, and then it was over. They weren’t trained to sit around.

This transition is no different when you are implementing software. Every day, day in and day out, you focus exclusively on launching the tool.

Or you are releasing the product.

And training the End Users.

Getting Buy-in.

Hustling to go live.

And then, one day – you launch – and that’s it.

The thing that you focused on (fighting for) is in your rearview. So you should know going in that there will be a massive dip at this moment.

So, if you are planning to be the support AFTER launching a software solution – take some time to adjust to the new role and the different goals of the role. It might save you from the Dip.

Another thought regarding Digital Transformation is that you should consider one partner for War Time (Implementation) and one partner for Peace Time (Support/Maintenance).

References and Resources

For more on the Dip – read Seth Godin’s posts on the topic.

Supporting Music

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

I am Trying to Break Your Heart by Wilco

Note: Originally posted December 7, 2017

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