Running in Place

Running in Place

Core teams are vital. In a software implementation, an engaged and hungry core team is critical to success. Conversely, I’m reminded why that is so important every time I see this cartoon by Tom Fishburne.

I really wish the above image were a joke. So many Software Implementations, Digital Transformation efforts, and Change Management plans never have a chance for success because of the above hierarchy. Do you see anyone in your leadership organization that fits here? I bet you do.

Organizations and Leadership within most organizations default to staying in the same place. The best way to break through stogy bureaucracy is through your core team. Unfortunately, when you are implementing software – you are moving the needle. You are literally challenging the Status Quo officer and the organization itself.

The strongest core teams, the ones dedicated to successful implementations, listen to the end-users and change the minds of the most stoic naysayers. VPs Play it Safe and Wait and See need the vision in order to take a step outside of their comfort zone.

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