The Reset – The Importance of Creating a Restart

The Reset – The Importance of Creating a Restart

As the country continues to wait for the results of the election – one thing is very clear. We all need a reset.

This election and much of the last 4 years have been stressful. Regardless of which candidate you supported on November 3rd, we’ve all been wound up pretty tight. Whether you call it gas-lighting or not – we’ve never experienced 4 years like the last. Four years where there was a clear good team and a clear bad team and absolutely nothing in between regardless of which candidate you supported.

When this all shakes out, and I certainly hope it shakes out one way over the other, we are all going to need a reset—a moment to pause, reflect, and return to the middle, where we see each other as humans and not as memes.

A reset can be done on an interpersonal level, with you and a group, or with you and the organization. It’s a handy tool to use when you are finding yourself in a rut with someone at work, a team, or the entire organization.

To reset, all you need to do is to stop. That’s it, really. You need to stop. We are often stuck in routines (positive and negative), and a reset is all about redirecting routines. To do that, you stop. Whatever it is that is causing you to bang your head against the wall constantly. Just stop.

And if we are talking politics, we all need to stop. We are all on different sides with absolutely no middle-ground. We are yelling in our echo-chambers in social media, and we only hear our screams back. So we need to stop. Humanizing opposing opinions is really hard, but that’s a reset. That’s how we find our way back to the middle. And forgiveness.

A reset is what we all need. So lets start.

A quick point of clarification: When I say “the middle,” I’m not referring to the political middle – I’m not asking us all to be centrists. Instead, the middle refers to a place where we exist outside of our echo chambers. The middle is where we start seeing each other as people with opposing views who are willing to re-engage.

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