Change Fatigue

Change Fatigue

Change Fatigue is very real. As organizations push forward efforts to Digital Transform their work – countless applications, processes, and reorgs are being tossed at employees. In fact, the change doesn’t stop – there is no ‘done’ for Digital Transformation. The future of work, as it were, has got to be better than this.

In the interim, along with all of this change comes Change Fatigue. The idea that at some point, employees have had enough. The reaction to any new change then manifests into any number of responses.

It may look like Apathy or Indifference.

Resignation or Resistance.

It may be an increase in Passive Aggression to Outright Hostility.

It’s all quite reasonable for employees to feel any of these – status Quo is comfortable. Even if you are doing fantastic work, knowing what application to use, or what boss to report to, or what TPS report to fill out allows our minds to settle and focus on our job.

What to do about Change Fatigue?

At a conference, the other day, a member of Accenture’s leadership shared that too many Organizations are focused on the ‘Digital’ portion of Digital Transformation. Conversely, too few companies spend anywhere near the time on the ‘Transformation’ portion which results in poor implementations and employees with Change Fatigue.

From an organization’s perspective – review how to interpret and what to expect from a Change Initiative, here’s a post on Change Calibration

From an employee’s perspective – look at what Change might look like for yourself; here’s a post on being Self-Aware. In the end, Change Fatigue requires an awareness of one’s self and an understanding that we all get burnt out on change. Subsequently, it is in that moment of realization that you need to take a breath, dig into the why, and hit reset.

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