I once believed that for me to be great at my job, others had to be bad.

Like it was a competition among my colleagues.

I see it in others, too.

I see it in a new staff member.

He oozes this idea of greatness.

But it’s a trick.

Him being great has nothing to do with me.

Or anybody else.

And me being great has nothing to do with him.

Or anybody else.

We can both be great.

Others can be great too.

What separates this idea of greatness, and what I call ‘genuinely great’ is generosity.

If you can create room for others to be great in your world, then that is true greatness.

Similarly, if you can create a way to help others become great, then that is genuinely great.

Supporting Music

Florence + the Machine – Dog Days are Over

Flaming Lips – Do you Realize?

BONUS: Florence + The Machine – The Chain (At Glastonbury)

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