The Truth in Software

The Truth in Software

In my time in software, I’ve learned a few inevitable truths related to the dynamics of the groups within a Software Organization. I’m certain that many would dispute some of these – so I’d love to hear your thoughts, additions, and amendments.

  • Sales sell more than what the software can do
  • Professional Services thinks the Product team has no idea how the Customer uses the product
  • Product and Sales will always believe that PS should be able to deliver in 1/10 the time (and cost)
  • Everyone knows conceptually what the Customer Experience or Business Development teams do, but do they?
  • All of them think they know the Customers needs best
  • The Customer or Prospect doesn’t care – they want the software to work
  • The Product team doesn’t want to say, and no one wants to hear “The product wasn’t designed that way” when a customer demands a feature
  • No Customer believes they are small and therefore should be ignored
  • No Services, Support, CX, or Marketing happens without a sale
  • Not all sales are good sales
  • Not all software is a fit
  • Equally, not all Software is NOT a fit
  • Support often wonders if the Product team actually tests the product prior to release
  • And, the Customer or Prospect doesn’t care – they just want the software to work

The best software companies are fully aware of the above. The difference is that unlike other companies, their best work is when the Company values, mission, and objectives can overcome the internal silos and the natural ‘gravity’ that each group experiences within an organization.

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