Business Book Cheats

Business Book Cheats

The average CEO reads seven million Business books a year. (Or something like that.) At least that’s how paid book services get you interested. These services are out there. They will often curate book lists, have the author give unique insights, and provide summaries on fundamental concepts in the book. Some will create online book clubs (sometimes with the author – which is super cool).

If you need someone to lead you and add that layer of pressure to get you motivated, these are great options. And if you want a serious kick in the pants, look into the altMBA.

If you have that spark and don’t have time – there are other, more self-directed and FREE options.

Here are a few free business book summary resources that I use:

  1. Book Reviews (Youtube)
  2. Productivity Game (Youtube)
  3. Actionable Books
  4. Business Book Reviewer

Drop me a line if you have any additional recommendations.

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