Digital Transformation Considerations

Digital Transformation Considerations

Before you take on a Digital Transformation project, there are a few things I’d recommend that you consider before undergoing such a significant shift. Based on my previous experience too few companies slow down long enough to do this, but it will save you time and money in the long-run. What I’m talking about is performing a self-assessment of your organization’s capabilities and readiness for change by completing a Digital Transformation Readiness assessment. This will help you understand just how ready your culture is for this kind of change. The answers will give you a sense of what exactly Digital Transformation means for your Organization and will provide you with a sense of how easy or how difficult such a change may become.

The Digital Transformation Readiness kit should include:

1. Technical Debt Assessment

This assessment addresses the technology landscape and the support infrastructure.
  1. How much technical crap do you have to work through to make a real Digital change happen?
  2. What are the processes that support the current technology and will they change with a Digital Transformation project?
  3. How many technologies are you planning to replace and how dependent are you on those technologies (think beyond what you are specifically aiming to change)?
  4. How old are those technologies and are they required elsewhere within your Organization to exist?

2. Change Management Assessment

This assessment focuses on the people and the change management needs of your company culture.

  1. How ready are your end-users?
  2. Are your stakeholders invested and engaged?
  3. How invested are people in the success of the transformation effort?
  4. How much “change fatigue” is your end-users and executive Sponsors demonstrating?
  5. Does your culture allow change and what is your adoption strategy (enablement) beyond launch?

3. Process Assessment

This assessment focuses on the processes impacted by the Digital Transformation effort.

  1. What is your current business process?
  2. Do your processes need updating?
  3. Is your current structural organization represented in these processes and will you consider changing the structure in support of the Digital Transformation effort?
  4. Will a digital transformation change the way you do work?
  5. How open are you to evolving your current processes?
  6. Have you thought about how you are going to support the enablement of the Digital Transformation once you’ve initially rolled it out?

References and Resources

For more on Digital Transformation Preparation, we recommend this article.

Finally, the last consideration is to determine whether or not you are really aiming for Digital Transformation or just purchasing software. Too many companies claim to be undergoing a Digital Transformation effort but have not thought through what that means. If you want software, buy software but don’t call it a Digital Transformation effort. You are only swapping out software.

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