Being Stuck – One Plan vs Many

Being Stuck – One Plan vs Many

If you’ve ever implemented software – you are likely very familiar with Murphy’s Law – what can go wrong, will go wrong.

When you are faced with Murphy’s Law in an implementation, it’s very easy to get lodged into one way of thinking while the solution may be totally obvious to someone else. See below video.

If this has happened to you and you want to do some thinking ahead of time, here’s a thought exercise to free yourself from certain constraints and open your thinking before you get stuck.

– What if you had twice the budget to complete your project? Go.
– Ok, how about half the team? Go.
– Or, how about if everyone on the team rejected the implementation outright? Go
– What if you had one more or one less week to launch? Go

If you can start thinking through these scenarios before they may happen, you’ll find yourself ahead of Murphy’s Law. Still, it’s possible that the most important person to your project will be the first human to contract Dutch Elm’s Disease.

Murphy’s Law will always happen, but perhaps you’ll be more flexible when it does show up.

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