How to Start a Movement

How to Start a Movement

Are you trying to start a movement?

It starts with the courage to be the lone nut, but then…

According to Derek Sivers, “The first follower is what transforms the lone nut into a leader.”

What can you possibly take away from this if you are implementing software?

To start a movement in your organization, you’ll need a leader. But, perhaps even more important, you’ll need those initial followers. Those are the unsung heroes that add momentum to a movement or can help push a new software into the new norm.

Similarly, the ice bucket challenge (a viral internet sensation that raised over $15 million for ALS) followed the same rules. One lone nut poured ice water on himself – but it was the next few followers that connected ALS to the challenge itself AND really gained enough momentum to make the movement something that few could miss out on.

Do you have the courage to be the first follower?

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