6 Things I Learned from Breaking my Ankle

6 Things I Learned from Breaking my Ankle

I broke my ankle three weeks ago.

And of course, it happened at the worst time for me.

Two days before I was to speak at my annual Company conference.

One week before another scheduled surgery.

And, worst of all, at the beginning of summer.

As I was stuck on the couch staring longingly out the window.

I learned some things.

I learned:

  1. To Slow down – I think we forget how to slow down when we feel that speed is an essential part of our job or our personality. When forced to slow down, you see things differently. I was able to process at a deeper level.
  2. To reprioritize – Because travel was hard, I had to adjust my working style. I had to change how I connected with others and what kind of work I could and could not do. After two full days at my Company’s Conference, I forced myself to listen to my body and left.
  3. To Read more – I forgot how important it is to continue to read. When you slow down, you have more time to think. This allows you to read more articles and books and to take time for yourself – because, in my case, I had to do that.
  4. People are generous – The number of well wishes and offers of help (even from complete strangers) that I received was a refreshing reminder of our humanity.
  5. That I count – Connected with my reminder of the generosity of humans was the ability for me to be more generous with others. As I crutched from one place to the next and complained about my armpits, I was reminded of how temporary this was and how others are not as fortunate. This manifested to sympathy, yes, but to an understanding of what I could be doing more for others.
  6. I’m getting old –┬áIt’s true.

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