Leading Change – The Kotter Perspective

Leading Change – The Kotter Perspective

Leading Change, a book by Dr. John Kotter, remains a must-have for Change Leaders. In his book, he outlines 8 Steps to effectively lead, implement, and sustain a successful change project.

Here are the 8 Steps:

  1. Create a Sense of Urgency – Why is the change necessary right now?
  2. Build a Guiding Coalition – Identify key Champions – the people that will really rally the change and the messaging – One person is never enough.
  3. Form a Strategic Vision and Initiatives – Clarify “The Why” for the Change & Continually Restate it throughout the project.
  4. Enlist a Volunteer Army – Create a large-scale movement in the direction of the change.
  5. Enable action by Removing Barriers – Actively remove obstacles by seeking and acting on feedback.
  6. Generate Short-term Wins – Show the benefits throughout the project – Demonstrate the value of the change by addressing “the low hanging fruit” (ugh – sorry – I’m not a big fan of that phrase).
  7. Sustain Acceleration – Build on the change, continue with the previous 6 Steps (as the Vision is rarely realized the first time around – stay relentless in building off of the previous change).
  8. Institute Change РOnce the change is realized, embed the Change from an infrastructure standpoint. In other words, create the new norm.

In his steps, he’s proposing a solid strategy that addresses an organization’s culture first. For example, the first three steps are about creating a climate for change; The next steps, Steps 4-6 are about engaging and enabling the whole organization and the last two steps are the implementing and sustaining change pieces.

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