Progress Stopper

Progress Stopper

There are a million ways to stop change from happening.

But one sure fire way to do it is to say “I can’t do it until I have it all figured out.”

That way, because no one has actually figured it all out – you don’t have to do a single thing.

Well, maybe Ryan Reynolds has it all figured out.

That’s possible.

But the phrase “I can’t do it until I have it all figured out” is kind of brilliant because, on the surface, it appears entirely rational. Another way to put it is “I don’t know what I don’t know.”

It sounds like logical thinking.


This kind of thinking will prevent you from adopting and leading change.

This kind of thinking will always ensure the safest route for you.

But if you (as a human or business) want to continually improve and be better than you were the day before.

Then, this kind of thinking will need to end.

References and Resources

Read more about this phenomenon in my post about Noble Obstacles.

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