The Bricklayers Parable

The Bricklayers Parable

The story goes something like this, there are three bricklayers, and each of them is asked the same question: What do you do?

The first bricklayer says “I put down bricks.”

The second bricklayer says “I am building a church.”

And the third bricklayer says “I am building a house of God.”

The point is that all three have the same exact occupation and all of them are doing the same work, but how each bricklayer sees what they do is very different.

The first bricklayer has a job.

The second bricklayer has a career.

And the third bricklayer has a calling – something greater than a career.

As an implementer, you may have any number of job titles. Rarely is there the perfect title for a person who implements software for their organization. However, how the implementer sees the work they do is what differentiates one implementer from the next. Do you see yourself as a person who implements software? A person who helps Digitally transform their organization? Or a person who leads the future of work?

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