The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wear

When you begin an implementation, it’s important to consider the make-up of your end users.

Whether dealing with your colleagues and friends or meeting folks for the first time, you’ll want to know the data.

And here’s what the data is saying about your end users.

The Law of Diffusion of Innovation roughly states that the introduction of new technology (or ideas) follows a certain pattern. Approximately 84% of your end users (the Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards) will resist to some degree. While 16% of your end users will be quick to accept the new change.

Separately, Gallup found that 70% of US workers are disengaged in their work with a portion of that number being active detractors. Along the same lines, Gallup found that 55% of managers are disengaged.

This may not indicate that these workers map correctly to resistors for change, but it should tell you that most workers are not necessarily going to invest in the success factors and reasons for the technological change.

So, these are your end users, and you should know that when you start. Most people that are asked to adopt a new technological solution will likely not be excited by either the reasons for the change or the change itself.

To overcome this, you will need to figure out who your Innovators and Early Adopters are – they will be your Champions. Champions are your end users that will drive the change across the organization.

As for the disengaged employees, you will need to make the change personal for them. If you can make the benefits of success about them rather than the organization – you’ll have a shot.

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