Strategy – Culture’s Favorite Breakfast Snack

Strategy – Culture’s Favorite Breakfast Snack

When Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” he was referring to the general health of an organization.

Drucker’s tenet, however, is equally relevant when taking on digital transformation within an organization.

And it’s often overlooked.

When companies purchase software, they hire Project Managers and Contractors to help implement.

Their Procurement group pours over the cost and the ROI and haggles to get the best price.

Their PMO (The project management office) review the project plan and implementation methodology.

But there never seems to be a Department of Culture.

No one is spending any time thinking about the one thing that can overshadow the plan – the organizational culture.

That should change.

If you are taking on a new implementation, focus as much on the culture as you do the strategy.  Be careful here though, fear of disrupting the culture can also be a definite hiding place for not implementing change at all. That’s not what I’m advocating.

You need a balance between strategy and culture.

A solid strategy needs to be in place for change to happen.

But the culture needs to be represented to ensure that the change is successful.

Too many companies over-emphasize the strategy while overlooking the culture and it’s a mistake.

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