It’s Not About the Nail – Empathy

It’s Not About the Nail – Empathy

My toughest interactions play out a lot like this. I’m a fixer. I want to get in and just do it (or if I can’t, I want to figure out how to motivate others to do it). As a result, this video called to me for two reasons:

1) It’s a reminder that we need to Listen More – sometimes the conclusion that we draw is not shared. Consequently, Empathy is best when we are not trying to insert our opinions (regardless of how unbelievably right we feel they may be) into the conversation.

2) Most times, you just need to continue on the message that a “Nail in the Head” is not going to end well. Kim Scott, in her book “Radical Candor” – would call it your responsibility. Not saying anything would be what she calls “Ruinous Empathy” and in this case – would likely not end well for “Nail in the head” lady.

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