When Lean is Too Lean

When Lean is Too Lean

In Corporate America, the terms “Agile” and “Lean” have been misused to push projects fast – because, well, you can.

If you ever feel like you are being rushed into failure, feel free to use this gem – it usually stops people in their tracks.

You can’t make a baby with nine women in one month.

If you think just saying that line and walking out of the room, George Costanza-style might not work – then perhaps reference Brooks’ Law. See also: Death March.

Brooks’ Law states that adding resources to a project may make it take longer. And Death March is exactly how it sounds, and we’ve all had one. Everyone knows the implementation project is going to fail – everyone but the one person that needs to know.

If none of this works, then perhaps this video of Lemmings marching off a cliff will cheer you up. For some lemmings, it’s just another chapter in their little lemming story.

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