Candyland or Chess?

Candyland or Chess?

Software Implementation is not like Candyland. Take a card, move a few spots. Take another card, move another few places. Repeat until the game ends.

Implementation is more like chess. It requires an active mind, an understanding of the pieces on the board, and the flexibility and grit to move around newly found constraints throughout the game. Most importantly, to be good at it, you need to practice.

The point here and why I think it’s important is that when you are taking on an implementation – you have to be aware that, although many implementations have been done before, it’s not automatic. It’s not about following instructions. You can’t be a cog and expect to be successful in implementation.

To be successful in implementation – you have to think of yourself as a chess player. You have to have a solid foundation and understanding of the elements. You have to have a solid plan from the start. But you also have to be creative. Willing to forge new paths. To accept new data and details – and react to them based on all of your experience.

Candyland wants you to follow instructions.

Chess wants you to plan, leverage your previous knowledge, and form your path based on your experience.

Which game do you prefer?

References and Resources

Seth Godin – Linchpin: I borrowed this story from this book.

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