Letter to Executives

Letter to Executives

Dear Executive,

You did it. Thank you.

We know that you just spent a significant amount of money on new software. In the end, you selected the right one, and it’s intended to help us be more efficient and give you visibility into what we do. It will allow us to deliver more in less time, and we are 100% behind that. For that, we say a heartfelt “Thank You!” We are all invested in making our company and us a success. And we all know that that will mean that we’ll have to evolve to deliver on that goal.

However, you can help us now. Please have patience. It will take time and probably a lot more time than you’d like and not because the technology isn’t capable of providing – but because we are human. Change is hard – even when we are supportive of it.

To help us, please be flexible. Your requirements may be directly at odds with us successfully adopting this tool because we have to learn new habits. Adding complexity to meet your needs will only delay us feeling any sense of comfort in working with a new system and new process. Once we have a base level of understanding, we will add additional complexity to address your more complicated requirements. We will iterate. So, when the time comes, please think of us (your end-users) rather than your data needs.

Last but not least, if you want to be involved, then stay involved. Your engagement will help send us the message that this change is significant to you. When you do get involved, your presence IS the message – you don’t have to push us on anything else. Let us figure this out, and when we are stumped, we’ll ask you a question – but your gift to us is to: 1) show that you care and that this is important to you, and 2) continually share the vision and what pressures you are feeling regarding the software.

You will get the full use of the system over time – we promise you that. But we hope this letter proves to you that we are passionate about making this implementation a massive success for all of us. We just want your help in getting there.


Your end users (and implementation team)

PS. If you want to achieve super-Executive status – help us make this launch and the experience getting there fun. We know, it sounds crazy. Fun. 

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